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Hi, my name is Mieka owner of Respect My Natural, LLC. I live in Shreveport, LA where I was born and raised on the playground is where I spent most of my days …. Just kidding! I couldn’t resist. Ha! I am a mother to an 11 year old daughter. Freaks me out to even type that! The teenage years are approaching and fast! Yikes! I'm currently in school pursuing my bachelors degree in Business Administration and I work full time at a consulting engineering firm. Respect My Natural is my passion and I have dreams of growing my business to amazing heights! I hope you guys follow and support me on this journey.

I launched Respect My Natural™ in February of 2013. I started transitioning back to natural in 2011 and got many questions as to why. That’s when Respect My Natural™ was born. I wanted to let people know that they don’t have to like or agree with my choice to be natural but they should respect my decision. I quickly became obsessed with natural hair! If I meet you and you tell me you can’t do it I will tell you that you can and will almost bully you into it. Lol! I’ve actually convinced a few of my friends to return natural including my best friend. She was adamant that she couldn’t do it but she did it and she loves it! Don’t get me wrong I respect anyone’s decision to be relaxed because just like I want my decision to be respected I respect theirs. My sister is relaxed (and quite fab might I add!) and she will tell you that I bug her all the time but that’s my sister I can do that to her! I hope you ladies (and gents … are there gents reading this?) come back from time to time to read more of my blogs! Until next time … Deuces fab people!!!

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