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So I am going to say something that you won’t hear from most naturals. I went natural out of curiosity. Yep you read that correctly it was out of pure curiosity. In October of 2011, I went to the beauty shop to get a haircut (inspired picture and  my hair cut picture below). I was just in love with this cut. It was everything to me. Of course what I saw in my head was me with this exact same cut. The long tail and everything although my hair wasn’t even that! 

 (Inspired Keri Hilson cut)     

  (Taken 10/22/2011)

So you know what happened right?! Do you think I got exactly what I wanted?! How often does that even happen at the beauty shop anyway? Not that I didn’t like the cut, it was cute, it just wasn’t the Keri cut. The first time I washed my hair was a disaster. I couldn’t even really flat iron it to get it straight (back then I was obsessed with super straight and sleek hair). I wore a hat to work the next day (yep, that bad). So of course the answer to the problem back then was "oh man I need a relaxer". I put a relaxer on it that weekend.

 (The hat pic. Taken 10/28/2011)

I was happy after that...somewhat. It was nice and sleek and easy to curl but it was a lot of work! I was curling my hair every day because I didn’t like it without curls. My hair started growing out of the style pretty quickly so at this point I decided I wanted to get a sew in until my hair grew out. I had worn sew-ins before but it was always with beauty supply store hair but I wanted to try virgin hair and I was also curious about closures since my hair was so short. I started doing extensive research on YouTube to find good hair companies. I was watching reviews like crazy. This is when my obsession started with YouTube … lol! At this point I had gone 5 months without a relaxer but I’m still not thinking of going natural. I just didn’t think it made sense to get a relaxer and then get a sew-in. I finally got my sew-in it was probably around Feb/March 2012.

After I took my sew-in out and saw all of my new growth is when I thought of going natural. I decided I was going to transition instead of doing the big chop. Again, back to YouTube. My obsession with natural hair videos was insane!!! I kept sew-ins for the most part of the first year. If I didn’t have a sew-in I was wearing rod-sets (perm and flexi). I would rod my hair every Sunday and wear it curly all week. I also learned how to do Senegalese twist and wore that protective style a few times. My sister did 2 mini chops and finally on May 3rd of 2013 she chopped off the last of my relaxer!!! So I have been natural a little over 2 years now. I am still learning my hair and how to take care of it. And while my daughter has always been natural I am also learning to take better care of her hair now that I’m natural.

I don’t know it all and I definitely don’t know the technical/sciency stuff about hair. I just can’t seem to retain that kind of information. I read the blogs and I watch the videos but it just doesn’t stick with me. Lol! While I have been natural for over 2 years I still want to learn more about my hair and I will blog about it along the way. I hope you fab naturlistas come back and check out my blog from time to time. I am not sure what all this blog will consist of. I am very random sometimes in my everyday life so I can bet this blog will also be very random. Ha! I love natural hair but it’s not all my life consists of so all of my blogs won’t be about hair (hope you ladies don’t mind). Until next time ... Deuces fab people!!!

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